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Brains Vs. Bronf

Published On April 22nd, 2014 by Alexander Team

You might remember the late Edgar Bronfman, Sr.’s former apartment from such record-breaking sales as one that happened earlier this month. The one. And while it and the iconic Sherry-Netherland complex are separated by little more than a mile of Fifth Avenue’s glamorous asphalt and well-heeled shoppers, the two Millionaire’s Rowers couldn’t be more different. Here’s a tale of the tape of why, now under the aegis of us, the Alexander Team, the Sherry-Netherland — once New York's tallest hybrid apartment-hotel — bests the late Bronfman’s old pad, all day, every day.




That 70$ show — If you've ever bottoms-upped a Seagram's and Seven, you in some small way contributed to Edgar Bronfman, Sr.'s billion dollar fortune. And if you've read a New York tab in the last month, you may have seen the apartment of the deceased Seagram chairman at 960 Fifth Ave. — a k a the “Jewel of Fifth Avenue” — sold for a New York record $70 million. At five rocks over its original February listing price, that beat out the former Big Daddy of Big Apple co-ops, David Geffen's $54 million penthouse (also on Fifth Avenue, natch). It's a full-floor unit overlooking Central Park — magnificent in, magnificent out, no doubt. We’ve seen it with our own eyes. 


I love the 90$ — Records, as they say, are meant to be broken. And while we have two Sherry-Netherland listings on tap, the crowning jewel of 781 Fifth Ave. is the 18th-floor, 9,000-square-foot mansion-in-the-sky crowning the place. We’re listing it for a modest $95 mill. This 15-roomer's nearly nine-digit price tag buys you a full floor (practically a full block!) of — not single-, not double- — but triple-mint space with more terraces than most 99-percenters have teeth. Just bring your Oakleys and floaties — the indoor space is likewise flooded in light (weather permitting!). But we digress, check it out for yourself on our website (Psst, The Alexander Team’s other Sherry listing is no slouch, either: a two-bedroom, two-bathroomer listed for $4.495 million.





People of all political stripes agree: immigrants rule! Er, so long as said immigrants are mainlining $70 million into our economy's veins. Which is precisely what the unnamed buyer, a confirmed foreigner, did to land deadman Bronfman's apartment from under the nose of some poor, bamboozled soul only willing to spend the original $65M. But to all those prospective ausländers out there, whom we love, looking to lay stakes into our great city, our duo of Sherry-Netherland listings is far superior. Firstly, a buyer need only move the exact amount of the purchase price plus five years of maintenance into a US account (as opposed to many, many, many times the purchase price, which most co-ops — ahem, like someone else we know — required). And secondly, S to the N allows buyers to purchase under a corporation or foundation (hey, they're people, too). Mr. Bronfman’s did not.




Superior service is contagious. And when you happen to sit atop of one of the city's most prominent hotels, as Sherry-Netherland's condos do, it's easy to catch an incurable case of the stuff. Sherry's residents enjoy turndown service, twice-a-day maid cleansings, access to a concierge and doorman, room service with a discount from Harry Cipriani on the first floor (mas Bellinis, por favor — and keep 'em coming!), all utilities, salon and a spaaaaaaah. Also, right downstairs is the coveted Doubles Club, which many a Sherry owner delights in, be it for dining, dancing or donor do-gooding.




The first thing our clients want do after they slap down $70 million for a new home is slap down another $20 million in order to actually live in it, right? Wrong. But that's precisely what the mysterious new owner of the Bronf-meister's pad got to do — turns out, it wasn't exactly turn-key ready. You know what are turn-key ready? The units at our rock star of a building, the Sherry-Netherland, we have on offer. The 18-floor model, by the way, sports unobstructed sweeping vistas of Central Park and deemed to have the No. 1 “most expensive” “eye-popping view” in the country by a little-known boutique start-up called Microsoft. Listen, we get it, this is the DIY age. We all like to break out that dusty toolkit we got for Christmas a few years back from time to time ... to fix a bloody door knob, not gut-engineer a home we just spent a fortune on. C'mon, man!




Any Tom, Dick and Harry — worst law firm name ever, by the way — can buy into a condominium with Central Park frontage. Ask around, you’ll find loads of ‘em: One57 over here, 432 Park Ave over there, 220 Central Park's always a safe bet. But options for an actual co-op with that prime frontage in turnkey condition? Slim to none. Particularly one that appeals to foreigners in our current market. We here at the Alexander Team have experienced this first hand, deploying countless sentinels to hunt down such endangered species. To say there are few and far between, even, would be to oversell it: if only “few” and “far,” our job would be so much easier!




You want name droppage? We don’t usually kiss and tell, but if you must know — the Sherry’s had boldfacers up the yin-yang. The tower is an inextirpable piece of New York history, skyscraping back as far as 1927, when it was literally born of fire. Can you imagine the kinds of shenanigans Danny Kaye (the OG Walter Mitty), George Burns, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. got into while they called it home over all those decades? And while she may have been lost in translation, Sophia Coppola was certainly found in luxury, having grown up in the Sherry with dear old dad, Francis Ford. And according to New York City Starwalks, Diana Ross also called the building home (sure beats Detroit!). So which names of note does 960 Fifth Ave. claim? Acquitted wife-killer Claus von Bülow. How very goth of them! 

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